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Terry Sanders Headshot.png
Terry Sanders for Santa Rosa City Council


Community Groups and Organizations


The Press Democrat

Santa Rosa Professional Firefighters (I.A.F.F.) Local 1401

Santa Rosa Police Officers Association

Santa Rosa Metro Chamber of Commerce

Sonoma County Alliance

Sonoma County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association 

Citizens for Action Now Sonoma County

North Bay Leadership Council

North Bay Association of Realtors (NorBAR)

North Coast Builders Exchange

Northern California Engineering Contractors Association

Elected and Appointed Officials

Santa Rosa City Councilmember and Former Mayor John Sawyer

Santa Rosa City Councilmember and Former Mayor Tom Schwedhelm

Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) Trustee Jeff Kunde

Former Santa Rosa Mayor Scott Bartley 

Former Santa Rosa Mayor Jane Bender 

Former Santa Rosa Mayor Dave Berto
Former Santa Rosa Mayor Janet Condron 

Former Santa Rosa Mayor Mark Hulsman

Former Santa Rosa Mayor Mike Martini

Former Santa Rosa Mayor Sharon Wright

Santa Rosa Planning Commission Chair Karen Weeks
Santa Rosa Board of Public Utilities Chair Dan Galvin

Former Santa Rosa School Board President Dan Condron

Former Santa Rosa Design Review Board Chair Scott Kincaid

Community Members and Local Residents

Steve Azevedo
Spencer Bader
David Banuelos
Dorothy Beattie
Gianna Biaggi
Gordon Blumenfeld
John Bly
Paula Boehm
Lynne Carlile
Richard Carlile
James Carney
Arthur Chaney
Chavette Chaney
Robert Chovick
Eric Christensen
Clay Clement
Julie Fontana Collins
Scott Colson
Gary Comstock
Kathy Comstock
Tracy Condron
Matt Condron
Megan Condron
Janet Connors
Victor Cruz
Ginny Deegan
Mike Deegan
Arthur Deicke
Christy Dennis
Anthony Diehm
Chris DiNardo
Beth Fricke
Wayne Fricke
Hugh Futrell
Lee Golden Wright
David Gouin
Ted Grafe
Heather Green 
Michael Green
Karen Grotte
Dan Gudino
Jeff Hall
Kathleen Hamilton
Henry Hansel
Monica Her
Chris Hightower
Cadance Hinkle Allinson
Arthur Hoffmann
Joe Jacobs
Carl Jaeger
Donna Johnsen
Jean Kapolchok
Mike Keefer
Kevin Kline
Joe LaBruzzo
Ken Lamb
Linda Lamb
Kori Lantow
Solina Larum
Gary Lentz
Stacy Lentz
Lindsay Lerro
Brian Ling
Jeremy Little
Kenneth Malnati
Jonathan Marvin
Patrick McDonald
Trudy McQuiddy
Gianni Messmer
Scott Nass
Robert Ochs
Carol Palecek
Rebecca Parker
Gary Plass
Glenn Proctor
Carlos Rivas
Wendy Roberts
Laura Robinson
Joseph Romano
Pixie Romano
Peter Rumble
Debra Sanders
Marian Sanders
Nancy Simpson
Jason Smits
Jennifer Smits
Carolina Spence
Jennifer Taylor
Don Tomasi
Chris Vetrano
Dan Volk
Jan Volk
Tina Wallis
Tim Ward
Jennifer Webley
John Webley
Jan Wilmore
Scott Wilmore
Kris Wilson
King Wright
William Wright
Robin Youngdahl
Gordon Zlot


~Partial List~

Join the Campaign!

I hope to count on your support in this election. If you are already planning to Vote Terry Sanders, please let me and others know by adding your name to my list of endorsements or getting involved with the campaign by placing a yard sign at your home or business, walking precincts with me, calling supporters, and other activities.

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