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Terry Sanders Santa Rosa City Council District 4 v2.png


Terry Sanders Headshot.png
Terry Sanders for Santa Rosa City Council

Santa Rosa District 4

City Council District 4 shall be comprised of all that portion of the City bound by the intersection of the City’s northern border and Interstate 101; thence proceeding southerly along I-101 to College Ave; thence proceeding easterly along College Ave to Mendocino Ave; thence proceeding southeasterly along Mendocino Ave to 4th St; thence proceeding northeasterly along 4th St to E St; thence continuing southeasterly along E St to Santa Rosa Creek; thence continuing northeasterly along Santa Rosa Creek to Mission Blvd; thence proceeding northerly along Mission Blvd to Austin Creek; thence proceeding southwesterly along Austin Creek to Brush Creek; thence proceeding northeasterly along Brush Creek to the City’s northern border; thence proceeding counter-clockwise along the City border to the point of beginning, as depicted in Figure 1-4 – City Council District 4:

Terry Sanders Santa Rosa City Council-District 4 Map.png

Join the Campaign!

I hope to count on your support in this election. If you are already planning to Vote Terry Sanders, please let me and others know by adding your name to my list of endorsements or getting involved with the campaign by placing a yard sign at your home or business, walking precincts with me, calling supporters, and other activities.

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